MINT is a graphical user interface to Andrej Sali's Modeller program. It allows only the basic homology modelling functions of Modeller to be used, but saves you from having to use the Modeller control language. The latest MINT V3.2 is compatible with versions of Modeller from MODELLER8 onwards.

MINT is written in Tcl/Tk. It provides you with a simple GUI where you enter the name of your sequence file, the PDB codes being used as parents and optionallay an alignment file. A limited number of additional parameters may also be set. You then simply click the Run button to write a Modeller control file and spawn the Modeller program.



MINT is freely available for use by not-for-profit organisations. Commercial use is not permitted without express permission from the author. It may not be distributed without the author's permission, but must be obtained from this site.


Sadly MINT hasn't been updated for a long time, so the documentation hasn't been kept up to date with changes for new versions of MODELLER.

You will probably need to edit mint_local.tcl such that the line:

set modeller "....."

points to your Modeller executable.


MINT is supplied as a gzipped tar file of Tcl/Tk code.