ProFit Server

The ProFit server gives you access to a limited range of the basic options in ProFit

For full functionality, you should download the software and install it locally.

Download ProFit

ProFit (pronounced Pro-Fit, not profit!) is designed to be the ultimate program for performing least squares fits of two or more protein structures. It performs a very simple and basic function, but allows as much flexibility as possible in performing this procedure.

The program will output an RMS deviation for the fitted regions and the fitted coordinates. RMS deviations over alternate zones and atoms may also be calculated. Thus the zones for calculating the RMS deviation can be different from those used for fitting.

This server provides ProFit's most basic function, the superimposition of two protein structures with provision for entering the zones over which the fitting and RMS calculation is performed. Profit fits the mobile structure coordinates to the reference structure.

The two files submitted in this section are the reference and mobile structures which should be in Protein Databank (PDB) format.

By default, ProFit does not read HETATM records from PDB files. This may be changed by ticking the Include Hetatms checkbox in the Options section. While optimised for proteins, non-protein structures may also be fitted if they are stored in the standard PDB format. Atoms with coordinates of 9999.00, 9999.00, 9999.00 will be ignored during all calculations allowing atoms with undefined coordinates to be handled.

Input Files
Reference Structure
Mobile Structure
Fit Zones
RMS Zones