JSAV - JavaScript Sequence Alignment Viewer


JSAV is a sequence alignment viewer written purely in JavaScript. It is extremely easy to include it in your code, but has many configuration options allowing you to control the functionality available to the user of your web site.


This demonstration shows just some of the features - other features include being able to submit selected sequences to another web page or to other JavaScript code.

Display your own sequence alignment

You must provide your sequences ready-aligned in FASTA format.


Developer documentation is packaged with the GitHub release. The only part relevant to a web programmer wishing to implement JSAV in a website is the documentation for printJSAV().


If you publish papers related to web sites that make use of JSAV, please cite our paper, Martin, ACR. (2014) Viewing multiple sequence alignments with the JavaScript Sequence Alignment Viewer (JSAV) F1000Research 3:249.


JSAV is freely available from GitHub. It is licensed under the GPL (Version 2 or later) licence, but contact us if you want a licence for commercial use in closed source applications.

Download from GitHub (Click the 'releases' link and download the most recent release.)

Clone from GitHub with the command:
    git clone git@github.com:AndrewCRMartin/JSAV.git