At UCL, I teach basic biochemistry, antibody structure, protein energetics and bioinformatics. At Birkbeck I teach on the Bioinformatics MSc where I run the Biocomputing 2 module on best practice in programming as well as teaching on the data management module. I also teach the effects of mutations at the EBI and Cambridge University and antibody sequence and structure analysis at the EBI.

I am academic coordinator for the Transitions and Peer Assisted Learning scheme within the department and am Graduate Tutor for which I run a course on thesis writing. I chair the Staff Student Consultative Committee and am Third Year Tutor for Biochemistry.

I run a Continuing Professional Development course on antibodies together with Prof. Kerry Chester.
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BIOC0003 Experimental techniques in Biochemistry

I teach tutorials on biochemical techniques and give lectures and run practicals on introductory bioinformatics and protein modelling.

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BIOC0030 Gene regulation

I run a workshop of promoter finding.

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BIOC0036 Protein structure

I teach protein energetics, protein folding, and antibody structure & function and run a workshop on protein structure.

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BIOC0016 Bioinformatics

I teach a range of topics: gene finding, transcription factor binding site finding, antibody modelling, docking and drug design, medical applications.

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MSc Drug Design

I teach bioinformatics of target identification, antibodies as drugs and intellectual property related to antibodies.

MSc Bioinformatics at Birkbeck

I teach sessions on interacting with relational databases from Python, handling XML in Python and best practice in programming.

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BIOC0006 Essential Protein Structure and Function

I teach a lecture on introductory bioinformatics and run a practical tutorial on protein structure.

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I have written two SPLATs (Self Paced Learning Activity Tutorials) on the Unix BASH command line and on Git/Github.

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NEUR0006 Molecular Biology for Neuroscientists

I give an introduction to Bioinformatics and run a Bioinformatics practical.

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