This is a patch for V0.5 of the GNU wdiff program (provides a word-by-word difference between two files). Wdiff is available from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/wdiff/ or here.

The patch fixes a minor bug where an input file was closed twice causing a core-dump under Linux (Irix doesn't mind...).

Note! This patch was developed for WDiff V0.5 - the current version is V1.2.2, so this is probably no longer needed!

Download and Install

Download the patch file and apply it to the wdiff.c (v0.5) C source file patch program. Once you have unpacked the wdiff distribution, place the patch file in the directory in which you build the program. Enter that directory and type:

   patch < wdiff.patch

If all goes well, the patch should be applied automatically. At worst, it will prompt you with the name of the file to which you want to apply the patch.

This patch is not sanctioned by Francois Pinard (author of wdiff), but has been sent to him and to the GNU foundation for inclusion in the next release. It comes with no warranty or guarantee!