AbCheck - Antibody Sequence Test

Test an antibody sequence against the Kabat sequence database.

Any unusual residues (occurring in < 1% of chains in the database) will be reported to you. This allows the identification of potential cloning artifacts and sequencing errors. The current Kabat database contains 6014 light chains and 7895 heavy chains.

Note that the comparison is not species-specific; positions are compared with the residues found in all sequences in the Kabat data.

Species-specific comparisons can be performed in abYsis.

If you get any error or warning messages, please check you have entered your sequence correctly. Strange sequence features may cause the alignment stage to fail. Loops longer than anything observed in the current Kabat database will also cause the alignment to fail.

Enter the amino acid sequence (1-letter code) of your Fv fragment (optionally you may include the whole Fab fragment, but only the Fv portion will be tested).

Enter the light chain amino acid sequence here:

Enter the heavy chain amino acid sequence here:

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Return the Kabat numbered sequence as well as the unusual residue list?

Details of the method

Please cite the following reference in any publications resulting from searches using this software:

Martin, A.C.R. Accessing the Kabat Antibody Sequence Database by Computer PROTEINS: Structure, Function and Genetics, 25 (1996), 130-133.

Commercial Use

Companies may use this public server, but need to be aware that data are not encrypted and it is not secure.

After trialing the system, companies should consider abYsis. A commercial licence will enable you to install a local version of this code together with an integrated database which can also store and analyse proprietary sequence and structure data.

For information on commercial licences, please contact the distributor Ebisu.