abYdraw is a program for rendering and creating AbML (Antibody Markup Language) a language designed for describing, drawing and rendering antibody-based drugs from fragments to complex multi-specific molecules and fusions.

AbML is our new language to describe the format of antibody-based drugs, particularly complex multi-specific constructs.

abYdraw is a Python program to render AbML strings and to draw and edit domain structures of antibody-based drugs and to generate the associated AbML.

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abYdraw renders AbML and allows the domain structure of a complex antibody-based drug to be drawn and saved as an image or as AbML.

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abYdraw Documentation

Documentation for the abYdraw graphical interface.

abYdraw Documentation


AbML is designed as a simple, but expressive language for describing complex antibody-based drug format.

AbML Specification

abYdraw Source

abYdraw source code is available on GitHub.



AbML was developed between 2020 and 2022 by Maham Ahmad (a Birkbeck Bioinformatics MSc student), James Sweet-Jones and Andrew Martin.

abYdraw was developed between 2021 and 2022 by James Sweet-Jones and Andrew Martin. JS-J is funded by a BBSRC LIDo stdentship.

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