Human Subgroup Assignment

This page allows you to identify the subgroup of a human light or heavy chain. The code which does the actual assignments was kindly supplied by Sophie Deret ( ) and it normally features as part of her Subim program. (You can also download from

The method is described in Deret, S. et al (1995), SUBIM: a Program for Analysing the Kabat Database and Determining the Variability Subgroup of a new Immunoglobulin Sequence, Comput Appl Biosci, 11, 435-439.

1st August 2018: This code was completely rewritten and some assignments may now change. The previous version of the code did not deal correctly with extensions at the N-terminus of the sequence potentially leading to incorrect assignments. N-terminal extensions of up to 20 residues are now handled correctly.

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Commercial Use

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After trialing the system, companies should consider abYsis. A commercial licence will enable you to install a local version of this code together with an integrated database which can also store and analyse proprietary sequence and structure data.

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