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Group photo

March 2015 - Left-to-right: Nouf, Grace, Daniel, Tom, Francesco, Andrew, Avneet, Saba

Group photo

December 2007 - Left-to-right: Abhi, Craig, Lisa, Jake, Andrew, Sri

Post docs


Craig Porter worked on a small grant from the BBSRC Sparking Impact Fund to enhance our Bioplib library and make it available for public use (2014-2015). He is now working on abYsis (2015-)

John Holliday is working on abYsis (2016-)

PhD students

Saba Ferdous is a UCL-ORS student working on the nature of antibody-antigen interactions with a view to developing peptide vaccines. (2013-2016)

Gil Ferriera Hoben is a BBSRC CASE student sponsored by UCB, working on antibody stability. (2016-2020)

Sam Ireland is a Wellcome Trust student working on the characterization and prediction of zinc binding sites. (2017-2020)

Undergraduate literature project students

Lydia Dinsmore is looking at the nomenclature of antibody-based drugs and their second indications.

Mariana Costa is looking at antibody-based cancer therapies.

Josh Bhathal is looking at the state of the art in protein structure prediction.

MSci project students

Charlie Barker is optimizing our antibody modelling software, abYmod.

MSc/MRes project students