AVP (Another Void Program) is a new method for the analysis of voids in proteins and packing quality in a single united program. Traditionally been analysed using different approaches, but in reality they are extremes of the same phenomenon - imperfect packing of atoms in the inside of a protein.

AVP adapts is a grid-based void-finding method which allows detection of voids of any size and may therefore also be used to assess packing quality. This is achieved by using two probes: one to delimit the solvent accessible regions, the second to identify voids. This allows you to use very small or zero sized void probes without 'leakage' of the void into the bulk solvent.


AVP is freely available for use by not-for-profit organisations and for commercial organisations (providing they inform the author that they are using it). It may not be distributed without the author's permission, but must be obtained from this site.


AVP is supplied as a gzipped tar file of source code.