BiopLib - A C library for manipulation of protein structure and sequence


BiopLib is a library developed in the C programming language for manipulating (primarilly) protein structure. There are a smaller number of routines for handling protein sequences. BiopLib also includes genlib, a more general purpose library to support programming in C - this includes a number of mathematical routines as well as routines for manipulating text, files and data structures.

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BiopLib has been in development since 1990. Most of the original code was written by Andrew Martin while self-employed, but it has been enhanced and extended since then. Until 2014 it has only be distributed in a very limited way on a signed-licence basis. Parts of BiopLib have also been distributed with other software that we make available including ProFit.

Recently we have had BBSRC Sparking Impact funding that has enabled us to enhance BiopLib to support PDB XML files and multi-character chain labels and has allowed us to tidy up and document the code to get it in a state where it can be released more publicly. Much of this work was done by Dr. Craig Porter.


BiopLib is licenced under the Gnu Public Licence Version 3 or later. However dual licencing is also possible - please contact me if you would like to use BiopLib or any of its components in a closed source application.


BiopLib is fully documented with doxygen. BiopTools is a set of command line tools that use BiopLib and can therefore be used as a set of examples of how to program with BiopLib.


BiopLib is freely available from GitHub.

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