Software Registration

Before downloading my software, I ask you to fill in this simple registration form. This costs you nothing and commits you to nothing. It simply enables me to keep a record of who is using my software (useful for grant applications as well as for my ego...) and enables me to keep you informed of bug-fixes and updates.




Software packages you wish to download:
ProFit V3.3 Protein least squares fitting
ProFit V3.3 Linux Binary Distribution As above but contains an Linux executable instead of source code.
ProFit V3.1 Windows Binary As above but contains a Win32 executable instead of source code (V3.1).
QTree Graphics rendering
MINT Interface to Andrej Sali's MODELLER
CDoc Generate HTML documentation from C source
QLite A simple queueing system for a farm of machines
NW An implementation of the Needleman and Wunsch sequence alignment algorithm
Torsions A program to calculate backbone torsion angles in a PDB file
torsions.exe A Windows binary of the Torsions program
Cluster Cluster analysis
AVP (Another Void Program) A program for calculating void volumes and packing quality in proteins
APAT V1.4 (Automated Protein Annotation Tool) A system for performing multiple annotations and predictions on a number of protein sequences
SAPTF V1.7 (Sequence Annotation Plugin Tools Framework) A system for creating sequence analysis tool web sites without writing any HTML or CGI scripts, supporting slow long-running tools via AJAX

Under the terms of the UK's Data Protection Act 1984, I am obliged to notify you that these data including your name and address will be stored on computer. The Act requires your consent to your name and address being so held. Your pressing the Download now button below will indicate your acceptance.