Apologies - the RAID controller on our main server has failed. This affects our database and other services - most of these WILL NOT WORK! We are working to restore this as soon as possible, but are suffering ongoing problems.

abYsis which allows most of our antibody analysis to be performed is still available at www.abysis.org


Most of the servers we provide are linked to from other parts of the site, but this page summarizes the links to those and also includes some other facilities that we make available.

Follow the tabs above, or the links below to access the various servers.


Analysis of antibody sequence and structure

Abysis New integrated database of antibody sequence and structure
KabatMan Point-and-click interface to KabatMan
KabatMan Full query interface to KabatMan
SeqTest Check your antibody sequence for unusual features
Chothia Canonicals Identify canonical conformations for CDRs for your antibody sequence
Human subgroups Identify subgroups for your human antibody sequence
SHAB Assess humanness of an antibody sequence
SACS Automatically maintained database of antibody structures in the PDB
AbNum Automatically apply numbering to an antibody sequence


Analysis of structural and disease effects of mutations

CheckHBond Evaluate whether a pair of residues can form a hydrogen bond taking into account sidechain flexibility. Can be used when examining mutations to see whether hydrogen bonds are maintained
SAAP Database Query our database of SNP data
G6PD Database Query our database of mutations in G6PD
OMIM Missense Mutations Query our database of missense mutations extracted from OMIM with validated residue numbers of mutations sites in SwissProt
3DSim Integration of SAAPdb with Gene3D and CATH

Protein structure and sequence

Tools for analysis of protein structure (rapid structure comparison, mappings to UniProt and EC numbers, analysis of hydrogen bonds) and sequence (orthologous groups, annotation)

FOSTA Database of functionally-equivalent proteins, i.e. groups of orthologous proteins extracted from SwissProt which perform the same function in different species. (This is the new name for Orthofind.)
CheckHBond Evaluate whether a pair of residues can form a hydrogen bond taking into account sidechain flexibility
PDBSprotEC Link PDB protein chains to SwissProt entries and EC numbers
PDBSWS Comprehensive mapping of PDB protein chains to SwissProt entries
TopScan Rapid approximate comparison of a structure against structures in the PDB
APAT Automated Protein Annotation Tool
ImPACT Improved Protein Alignment Conservation Threshold - Takes a sequence alignment and provides a threshold for considering a residue to be 'highly conserved'
ProFit A simple interface for using the basic features of ProFit over the web.


Other tools

PubMed Tools for PubMed literature searching