Other servers

We provide a number of other servers that don't fit into the antibodies or mutations categories. A number of these methods and resources are used by the SAAPdap/SAAPpred mutation analysis software and some may be downloaded from our software pages.

Mappings and Databases

PDBSWS provides a mapping between PDB codes and UniProtKB/SwissProt entries at chain and residue levels.
PDBSprotEC provides a mapping between PDB codes and EC numbers for enzymes.
ZincBind is a database of zinc binding sites in PDB files.

Access our Software

The HBonds server analyzes whether a mutation will allow a hydrogen bond to be maintained.
ProFit is our widely-used software for fitting protein structures. The server provides a simple (but rather limited) interface to this powerful program.
TopScan is a topology comparison program allowing you to seaerch your structure against a database of structures to look for structural similarity.

Orthologues and Conservation

Fosta is a database of functionally equivalent orthologues identified by mining UniProtKB/SwissProt annotations.
Impact assesses sequence conservation in a multiple alignment and provides a threshold to define significantly conserved residues for a particular set of proteins.

Easier access to external data

OMIM provides a simple searchable interface to mutations in OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man), mapping these to UniProtKB/SwissProt entries and correcting the numbering.
PubMed provides a simplt searchable interface to the NCBI PubMed database returning the results in BibTeX format.