Mirror - Help (Patch 2)


Applying the second patch

Application of the patch is straightforward.

  • Go to the directory where you have installed the final mirror script. If you installed mirror from the original distribution this will be wherever you decided to palce it - probably /usr/local/bin for a system-wide installation or $HOME/bin for an end-user installation. If you used the RedHat RPM, then it will be /usr/bin.
  • Having downloaded and saved the patch file as mirror.patch, type the command:
    patch < /path/to/mirror.patch

Assuming the mirror script was called mirror, the patch should have been installed. If not then the patch program may ask for the filename. If you applied the patch to the Redhat RPM version, it will complain about having to apply offsets to find the lines to patch, but you can ignore these warnings.