Talks and Presentations

Of general interest...
Protein moonlighting [YouTube] A summary of my talk entitled Structural Biology of Protein Moonlighting: Lessons from Antibodies presented at the Biochemical Society Focused Meeting The Biological and Biomedical Consequences of Protein Moonlighting
Protein modelling An introduction to protein modelling
Topscan Rapid comparison of protein topology
Antibody Shape Analysis Talk given at UTOPIA2000 (Heidelberg, July 2000)
Bioinformatics and Protein Modelling: Possible Routes to Drug Discovery Talk given at the MGMS Meeting on Computer-Aided Drug Design (Oxford, December 2000)
NETTAB 2001 Summary A talk given in Reading summarising the 2001 NETTAB meeting in Genoa, Italy on creating an integrated Bioinformatics environment
Of mostly internal interest...
Local Bioinformatics Databases Information on our local (PSI-)BLAST databases and on methods for non-redundantizing sequence data