Servers: sequence and structure analysis

FOSTA Database of functionally-equivalent proteins, i.e. groups of orthologous proteins extracted from SwissProt which perform the same function in different species. (This is the new name for Orthofind.)
CheckHBond Evaluate whether a pair of residues can form a hydrogen bond taking into account sidechain flexibility
PDBSprotEC Link PDB protein chains to SwissProt entries and EC numbers
PDBSWS Comprehensive mapping of PDB protein chains to SwissProt entries
TopScan Rapid approximate comparison of a structure against structures in the PDB
APAT Automated Protein Annotation Tool
ImPACT Improved Protein Alignment Conservation Threshold - Takes a sequence alignment and provides a threshold for considering a residue to be 'highly conserved'
ProFit A simple interface for using the basic features of ProFit over the web.