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BibPubMed: PubMed Search with BibTeX output

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Entries are specified as exact matches and each field type is ANDed together. If you wish to specify more than one term within each box, then your must use an ' AND ' (in upper case!) between the terms. For example:
   Author: martin ac AND thornton jm

Note You will have to do a little editing of the output BibTeX file. You will probably want to change the keys (which by default are set to the firstauthor:year) and perhaps change the journal names to definitions set with @STRING commands. You may also need to change some UTF-8 encoded characters non-ASCII characters to BibTeX commands - the program tries to catch these, but may miss some - please let me know if you find any I've missed.

This page uses the 'eutils' facilities provided by NCBI to search the PubMed database. Eutils allows pages to be returned in XML. These in turn can be parsed more easily to give the output in BibTeX provided here. Information on eutils is available at http://eutils.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query/static/eutils_help.html

This version returns a maximum of 100 hits.

Draft paper

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