Career Summary

1982-1984 Degree in Biochemistry at Oxford (First class honours)

1986-1990 D.Phil. "Molecular Modelling of Antibody Combining Sites" with Tony Rees in LMB Oxford. Designed the algorithms used in Oxford Molecular's AbM package.

1990 Worked with Willie Taylor at NIMR for 6 months

Aug 1990 - Jan 1994 Self-employed doing contract work for OML and National Grid as well as independently developing scientific software.

Oct 1993 - Nov 1993 Worked at DKfz, Heidelberg

Feb 1994 Joined Janet Thornton's group at UCL in 1994 as a post doc. for 4 years working primarilly on analysis and modelling of protein loops and the CATH database.

1998-1999 Temporary lecturer at UCL seconded 4 days a week to Inpharmatica where I was technical director in charge of the Biopendium(TM) project.

Sep 1999 - Dec 2003 Lecturer in Bioinformatics, University of Reading

Jan 2004 - Apr 2005 Lecturer in Bioinformatics, University College London

May 2005 - Sep 2014 Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics, University College London

Oct 2014 - Reader in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, University College London