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OMIM Statistics

OMIM database last updated 9-Mar-2012

Overall OMIM data

Total number of OMIM entries with allelic variant records: 1949

Total number of mutations listed in OMIM: 10263

Number of OMIM entries cross-linked from SwissProt: 1949 (100.0%)
This represents 10116 mutations (98.6%)

Of the OMIM entries linked to SwissProt:

Validated (Class A) mutations: 9696 (95.8%) from 1821 (93.4%) OMIM entries
Probable (Class B) mutations: 111 (1.1%) from 35 (1.8%) OMIM entries
Unidentified (Class C) mutations: 620 (6.1%) from 307 (15.8%) OMIM entries

2438 mutations (24.1%) required an offset to be applied.
These came from 221 OMIM entries (11.3%).

In total, 334 OMIM entries linked to SwissProt (17.1%) contain errors or inconsistencies.