APAT: Documentation


Once you have downloaded and unpacked the apat.tar.gz source code, read the instructions in the file INSTALL. You need to install the GD library and a number of Perl packages before you can use APAT.

Installation of APAT itself is straightforward. Simply run the install.pl script. This will prompt you for the full path to your Perl executable and ask if you wish to install a web-based version. It will then ask for information about the directories into which various components should be installed.

XML definitions

APATINML (input)

Click for an example input file

Click to obtain the APATINML DTD

APATML (output)

Click for simplified examples of the three types of annotation

Click to obtain the APATML DTD

Click to obtain a detailed description of APATML

Writing wrappers

Click to obtain a guide to writing APAT wrappers